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Enterprise E-mailer Plan:
Get yourself a mailing system which gives you complete control of your clients. Have your own Mailer script installed on your own website or we can install it on ours for your traffic flow.

• Complete Web Based System
• Supports an Unlimited Number of E-mails
• Supports an Unlimited of E-mailing List
• Customize your list settings
• Send HTML or Plain Text E-mailer shots.
• Manage Subscribers
• Real Time & Automatic Subscribe/Unsubscribe options
• Black List Feasibility
• Archive E-mailer shots
• Supports an Unlimited Number of E-mails
• Customize Built in Newsletter Templates
• Send and Deliver your entire email list within minutes

• Web statistics
• All mail is run on our T-3 servers
• So many more options to pick from.

Benefits & ROI value for your company:

You can get yourdomainmailer.com and have your own emailing system broadcasting to your internal database (unlimited email broadcast)
You can allow and create Distributor, Reseller, Client lists whereby each can have their own password protected account to upload their emails and send to their database
Many companies work hard to have their own customer database which they do not share with vendors or others not to include some pay for it, as such each list can have privacy whereby each list is ran by the list owner, i.e. vendor, reseller or distributor.
Each list account can send HTML messages whether it is images, Ads or newsletters to your lists
Allow increase in awareness and branding to the end users. Maximizing ROI.
Some partners may not be able to afford to pay the monthly service however as a vendor or owner of this mailing account you can grant them this access for them to use and that alone will push your sales and revenue
It is well known that nonstop communication grows the business and sales, our servers are well secured and our emailing system allows end users to subscribe or unsubscribe thus no abiding by anti-spam policies.
Allowing Unlimited emails via this application & plan ensures that none of your websites get to be blocked by any servers across the globe whereby if you used your own email system or their own that may happen.
Remember your targeting end users and businesses across your region which means during a promotion thousands of emails will be sent at the same time and if you don't facilitate this for yourself & partners you wont receive the same positive feedback.

• Enterprise E-mailer Plan


What you will need:      

Domain Name                   $10/Annual

Deluxe Hosting Plan       $75/ Annual

Mailer Script License    $225/one time fee

Mailer Installed           $300/one time fee

Monthly Traffic Mailer Plans as low as      $699 /Mo

     Email us if your interested. We may work on something Special for You!

• Target E-mailing Plans

All you need to do is choose the country or territory that you wish to target and we will execute!


Target twenty thousand (20,000) perspective clients in one blast. We supply the space, e-mails, and number of views of your ad(s).

 Now Only for $1500 one shot
 PLUS PLAN - (3-mo $1250)  (6-mo $1000)    Email us

Plan II

Target fifty thousand  (50,000) perspective clients in one blast with an option to make a second blast within 30 days at 30% off. We supply the space, e-mails, and number of views of your ad(s).

Now Only for  $3000 one shot
 PLUS PLAN - (3-mo $2850)  (6-mo $2450)    Email us 


Target one hundred thousand (100,000) perspective clients in a one time blast with the option of having a second blast within a 30 day period at 30% off. We supply the space, e-mails, and number of views of your ad(s).

Now Only for  $5000 one shot
 PLUS PLAN - (3-mo $4500)  (6-mo $4000)  Email us

Please contact us for requests to over 100,000 contacts (Up to 1 Million per region).
Also note that we can accommodate certain packages based on your budget!
Simply Email us, let us know your budget and what you are looking for!


Contact us for for full information on external databases

Email us the plan of your choice to receive the Payment link.

• Web Hosting Packages

Click Here to check out what you get with our Deluxe Hosting Package at Only $75 /Year!

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